Outdoor paintball field in the center of Prague

Indoor Paintball Prague

Paintball Prague and surroundings

Paintball game packages

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Outdoor paintball field in the center of Prague
Indoor Paintball Prague
Paintball Prague and surroundings
Paintball game packages

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Indoor paintball

Outdoor paintball

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What customers say about Paintballgame.cz


Staff is really cool and the whole package is not too expensive. The area could be more exciting and bigger.

kirkdis *

Nice spot to have some fun. They offer reball, paintball and airsoft scenario fields. You can borrow equipment here. The owners are super helpful and communicative. Thanks for the free tour and the information.

Anthony Salvatierra

It was a cool experience, with great equipments and entertaining games. I really recommend to go there and have a wonderful war time. Also the staff was very patient and cheerful!


Very muddy but very fun, dont wear ur nice shoes here

About paintball

Paintball is a modern, fast-growing adrenaline sport that requires not only speed, strength and physical fitness. With paintball you will also need tactical thinking and a cool head. You will experience the joy and elation of winning and the disappointment when you discover how little is enough to be defeated. One thing is certain - you will never forget your paintball experience.

Paintball history

The first seeds of paintball can be found in Australia a few decades ago, when shepherds started to use air gun shooting balls filled with non-washable dye to easily and quickly label large herds of sheep. From there this novelty was transferred to the United States, where the first shootouts between cowboys, the first paintball players, likely took place.

Game variants of paintball

Paintball events offer many variations of rules so even several hours of action on our paintball fields will be fun the whole time. Our experienced organizers will adapt your game to your wishes and you will have the opportunity to try out everything that our venues offer - Team Death Match, Flag Game, Conquering the object, VIP, Napoleon, Paintball with Scenario, ...


Paintball equipment

Paintball | Reball | MagFed


Thermal lens mask

Paintball gloves


Chest protector

.68 caliber marker


Junior Paintball

Junior Paintball

Full-head mask

Kids gloves

Kids overall

Chest protector

Lightwight .50 caliber marker

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