History of Paintballgame

History of Paintballgame

08. June 2024 | News | Author: Kubas

Vladan Marek as a synonym for paintball in the Czech Republic

Paintballgame's history dates back to 1993, an incredibly long time, and the company was founded in a completely unassuming way, with a passion for paintball itself being the main driver. The company was founded by Vladan Marek, and it can be said that if you say paintball in the Czech Republic, the synonym is Vladan, who tasted this adrenaline sport and was so interested that they formed a group of friends who bought their own equipment and started to go together to the quarry in Beroun and shoot colored balls at each other for today incomprehensible 2 CZK a piece. As the group grew bigger, the idea was born that you can lend equipment to a friend of a friend and this is how the idea for Paintballgame.cz was actually born, because if there are 20 friends, there are 20 paintball sets to rent, thus 20 potential customers. Some time later, the company purchased its own equipment directly and only for customers, rented the first facility, entered the number into the Golden Pages and the company was born. Anyone who wanted a reservation for paintball could either send a letter to the mailbox or call from a phone booth for a reservation.

Founder of Paintballgame - Vladan Marekpaintball field Beroun

Legendary paintball field in Benesov near Prague

Time moved on and the company opened the legendary premises in Benešov, which is still there today. The complex was directly adapted to paintball and the needs of players, so the progressive obstacles, buildings, trenches, military equipment, 6 separate independent fields that could be connected into one whole, facilities, grill, parking, just great. The facility could handle 250 customers a day, where customers played for 4 hours most days and had it as a day trip.

paintball field in Benešov in 2004paintball field in Benesov in 2011

The first foreign paintballers in Prague and a big bank robbery

A few years later, a complex was built on Císařská louka in Prague with a beautiful view of Vyšehrad and two separate playgrounds. Thanks to this, we were able to reach out to foreign clients visiting Prague or bachelor parties. To complete the puzzle, the only thing missing is an indoor paintball field, and this appeared in Jungmannova Street in the centre of Prague, the so-called Paintball Bank, because the field was located in the former branch of the bank ČSOB.

paintball field in the former CSOB bank branch in 2007outdoor paintball field at Císařská louka in 2011

Through the Czech Paintball League to the world NXL

aintballgame.cz also had a lot of side activities to support paintball and the whole community around it, such as the Czech Paintball League in sports paintball, which had a standard 5 rounds and was always elsewhere in different locations in the Czech Republic. The highlight of the year was always the MČR aka Czech Republic Championship, where in the greatest glory days there were 40 teams. There was also the PPL league which was the Prague Paintball League, which was actually an amateur league where you gained experience and then you could play CPL. Hand in hand with the sport of paintball came the Troja Paintball Club, which played not only CPL but also the biggest European league, the Millennium Series, then the NXL in the Semi-pro division, which was one of the 32 best teams in Europe.

Legends of Czech paintballPaintball club Troja Prague in 2017

The experience of a paintball game must always be perfect!

In 2024, Paintballgame.cz operates 7 venues across the Czech Republic, 2 of which are indoor - Paintball Petrská and Paintball Hybernská in the centre of Prague. Outdoor playgrounds Paintball Smíchov and others outside of Prague such as Paintball Benešov, Paintball Beroun, Paintball Milovice and Paintball Ústí in Libouchec.

We still run year-round and have quality equipment for both the warm summer season and the cold winter season. We still cling to the fact that the customer needs to get a 100% experience from a properly working marker, accurately flying balls, and a mask that won't fog up and a suit that won't rip. We have professionally trained instructors who overwhelmingly play paintball, so the customer has an experience conveyed from active players who can give factual advice and devise types of games to suit their needs and preferences.

The range of services has also expanded and we offer not only classic paintball with a top-feed magazine, but we have also expanded our offer to include Junior Paintball, where we play with lighter markers and smaller .50 CAL bullets instead of the classic 68 caliber. Another recent innovation is Magfed Paintball, where the paintball marker has a bottom feeding 20 shot magazine and carries 3 spare magazines. It's a completely different experience as there is a lot more tactical, cover and team communication required.

We could go on and on, but the history is so rich that it would make a book and the current range of services is so large and varied that there is nothing else to do but come and experience paintball in person. We look forward to seeing you!


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