Organizer bonus

Arrange paintball for your friends, colleagues or acquaintances and get an organizer bonus as the organizer. The more players, the bigger the bonus.

Number of players (including organizer) Organizer Bonus (Discount)
10 Discount 300 CZK
15 Discount 400 CZK
20 Discount 500 CZK
25 Discount 600 CZK
30+ Discount 700 CZK


  • Organize paintball for at least 10 people (including the organizer).
  • When ordering online please include "Organizer Bonus" in the note, write it in the email as well or tell us by phone, when you order paintball that way.
  • You are only eligible for the bonus if you as an organizer will confirm the reservation and that everything is OK, 2 days before the event.
  • The bonus does not apply to corporate events and agency-mediated events.
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