Prague 4 – outdoor

Pálkařská 225, Praha 4 - Krč
Temporarily closed
  • Outdoor
  • Refreshment
  • Toilets
  • Min 4 persons
  • Three paintball fields at a beautiful place close to the centre of Prague
  • Total area of the fields 5000 m²
  • First field is the castle and picturesque village
  • Second one offer modern city and city ruins
  • Third one offers the apocalyptic scenery with car wrecks and urban ruins
  • Indoor facilities with possibility of refreshment
  • Fields within easy reach of all forms of transport (public transport, car)
  • Parking lot right in the area
  • Minimum amount of players = 4*

*Of course if you are with a smaller group you are more then welcome. In this case we charge and extra fee of 300 CZK per missing person. We can also add you to another group, if you prefer that and another group agrees.

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