Indoor paintball (reball) field in the center of Prague.

Indoor paintball (reball) field in the center of Prague.

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NEW FIELD IN PRAGUE! Outdoor paintball with unique scenery.

NEW FIELD IN PRAGUE! Outdoor paintball with unique scenery.

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Bachelor, STAG parties.

Bachelor, STAG parties.

Scenario paintball. The right experience for your Bachelor, STAG party.

Scenario paintball. The right experience for your Bachelor, STAG party.

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Paintball equipment

You will need basic equipment for playing paintball. At our areas we will lend you everything necessary. The equipment consists of following parts:

vybaveni paintball game

Here is a short description of each of them

paintballová maska


An absolutely crucial part of the paintball gear, without which any player or referee is allowed to step on to the field. We offer special masks equipped with double layer thermal glass, which is very durable and absolutely resistant to paintball hits. Also the double layer prevents the lenses from fogging - even for the most active of players. The mask's body is made of monocoque plastic, molded in a fashion to cover the cheek bones, ears and forehead.

paintballové kuličky


Gelatine balls of 0.68 calibres are filed with colour. The colour is non-toxic, non-caustic, biologically decomposable and soluble in water. Have no fear of ruining your precious clothes - they can easily be cleaned simply with warm water. We offer only top quality paintballs compatible with the paintball markers that we use.

paintballová zbraň


The paintball guns used by are all semi-automatic (one trigger pull - one shot) markers long developed by the Kingman company. We use only high pressure air as propellant as it offers better accuracy and tenderness towards paintballs than carbon dioxide. We are capable of providing alternative types of markers if specially requested.

paintballová vestaOverall

We lend camouflage overalls which are ideal for paintball. They offer great body protection against paintball hits thanks to a tough and durable material. Plus an additional neck shield reinforcement grants very good neck protection. Off course you can bring your own clothing - good old camouflage pants or a boiler suit will do. It is important for the clothing to be made of tough fabric and you should not be afraid of getting it dirty.

paintballové rukavice


Paintball gloves are another advisable protective element. They are distinguished by a plastic crest with reinforced protective elements on palms and fingers. You can choose between gloves with or without fingers. It is possible to use other types of gloves as well.

paintballová vesta


The vest offers extra body protection, even though most players do not use it. If you wish to borrow a vest, do not forget to mention it in your order.

Quality footwear is very important for paintball. We recommend footwear with a good grip and plenty of ankle support when playing in natural terrain, while lighter sneakers with a non-slip sole are ideal for sports ground paintball. Because of hygienic reasons, shoes are the only part of the paintball equipment that we do not offer.